The top ten loved up world wide web locations
They have been selected completely subjectively and are all bursting with creative talent, vision, and/or merit.

The love fest is actively seeking to replace these listings with new visions of possibilities and web constructs which offer a glimpse of new magnitudes in people's online intercourse.

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Number ten:

  The Tele-Garden

  The Mercury Project was a classic site which is still a must see. This is the newer mo'better version of the same idea. What is so special about the Tele-Garden is that it actually does something. You push a button somewhere in Japan and tend a garden in California.
Number nine:

Worlds Chat

  A sense of place. Worlds Chat helps you transfer your conciousness into a place that seems real. You walk the hallways, pass people, ride on escalators and maybe stop to talk. Picture IRC and DOOM in a blender.
Number eight:

Stroud's Consumate Winsock Apps

  If the trick to getting rich on the web is to give everything away for as long as possible, the Forrest Stroud should be a godzillionaire. Untold amounts of software is shipped freely from these many wonderful archive mirror sites each day. If you are on the net with a PC like most people, then this is the place to go for almost everything.
Number seven:


  "Berserkistanís Jim Bartlett is in Bosnia to cover Operation Joint Endeavor for this web site. Equipped with a tricked-out laptop, cameras, an audio recorder and two pairs of jeans. Bartlett is a war correspondent, that rare breed that likes to cover the "bang-bang" as it's known in the trade. He is the first journalist to cover a war exclusively for the Internet." (from the Journal page)

You gotta check out 'Cowboy Jimmy' because he makes you wanna grab your laptop, go to some confusing area of the world, and tell it like you see it. Jimmy is 28 years old, looks younger, and has the fire in his belly for the web. This is the power of the decentralized media.

Number six:

Computers:Internet:Interesting Devices Connected to the Net

  Yahoo! is a very good overview list that doesn't put you through page after page of selection to get to the coo. This is a good example of a level of their database, the level of stuff that sort of does something.
Number five:

The NPAC Visible Human Viewer

  JAVA is like crack for your web browser - it's the lastest hottest thing, but it sucks and craches your computer. There is one JAVA app that actually works, though. The basic idea is a little weird though: Some convict was executed by society. Then his body was frozen. They took a picture of the top of his frozen head, then sliced a millimeter off and shot again until they reached the tip of his toes. This JAVA page lets you view the whole archive. Enjoy!
Number four:

  16th July 1945, 5:29:45 A.M. Trinity site@Alamogordo test range, Jornada del Muerto desert.

  The High Energy Weapons Archive
	If the radiance of a thousand suns
	Were to burst at once into the sky,
	That would be like the splendor of the Mighty
	I am become Death,
	The shatterer of Worlds.

NUKES? You want NUKES? This archival effort has compiled a pile of nuclear bomb material that staggers the brain. Some people think they look cool, some people think bomb sounds like mom and god and jah. This fellow is in it for more than the visual beauty.
Number three:

  Chatting With Martha Siegel

  Hissssssss Booooooo The Moumar Quadaffi and Saddham Hussien of the internet - at least as the typical bandwidth hugger PC "the internet is for learning and scientific institutions" types would tell it. What's so bad about commercializing the internet? This award is just for an out and out good topic for a page. Inquiring minds need to know...
Number two:

Mel's Godzilla Page

  They kicked the love fest off the Revolving Door like a big bully. If you were to look in the ultimate encyclopedia under "GODZILLA", this is what would come out. A fine resource, diligently compiled by a true lover. Thanks Mel!
Number one:


  You know the feeling you had when you discovered DOOM, Mosaic then Netscape, and cuseeme? Webchat is the same way. You know this is yet another magnitude of possibilities for the linking of the 'net, even though it's not too fancy yet. The WebChat is magnificent in that the load of the whole operation is spread around on the servers of the actual chatters.

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