Who changed What in three days.

Sunday special edition: unknowns and errors included.
Here's the entire trade-A-link page.

WebWatch 1.1 results for internet love fest webwatch digest

Start of run: Thu Nov 16 00:10:39 1995
Anchor file:                         D:\webwatch\lists\TRADE.HTML
Documents modified since:            Mon Dec 30 00:08:41 1995
Last Visit date overrides:           No
Documents with unknown date:         not included
Timeout limit:                       42

End of run: Sat Dec 30 22:14:53 1995
URLs contacted:                      22
URLs displayed:                      22
Retrievals timed out:                6
URLs with known modification date:   11
URLs with known last visit date:     0
Elapsed time:                        00:06:14

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