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Censorship sucks.

There is a mirror site of this page on the Showme WWW Server.


If I can't spend my time updating this page, I might as well make a social statement. Censorship sucks.


I will not add any more comics fan pages without actual, readable comics on them. Fan pages that don't display actual, readable comics are a waste of time. I'm tired of reading about the comic. I want to read the comic. And so does everybody else on the web, I'd gather. Read the FAQ for more information.

Before you send me long flaming e-mails about being "too Netscape Enhanced," try looking at the HTML source of this puppy. Better yet, look at it with another browser. I pay a lot of attention to making this page Netscape Enhanced, not Netscape Exclusive. (Ya freakin' SGML babies.)

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Mail me at if you have any comments, suggestions, gripes or comics of your own you would like to add! (Make sure you read the FAQ first.) And while you're around, please visit my home page. Thank you for your cooperation! :)

Christian Cosas

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