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Pages you don't have to read can be as important as pages you do decide to spend your attention on. Right this second, there are more web pages available than you could read in several lifetimes.
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The all seeing eye sees pages that have changed very recently and answer within 42 seconds.
Pure Speed URLs answer within 5 seconds and have been maintained within 30 days.
internet love fest bookmark digest.
~ response: 5 seconds or less.

trade-A-link digest.
net.prophecy.bulletin bookmark digest.
Digest of Comics 'n Stuff by Christian Cosas.
The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension WWWaves to surf.
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list of webwatch rendered lists digest.

About the love fest webwatch service
The internet love fest webwatch digest is created by a hybrid agent which consists of a human filter who subjectively chooses a list of sites to watch and a software agent that checks the entire list every day, bringing back the URLs of web pages that have changed recently.

Here at the love fest, we've accumulated quite a bookmark list. Many house browser fanatics add one or two gems they uncover in their psychobrowse frenzy. Some sites change locations, stop publishing, or bog down beyond usability. These sites are pruned off the master list every Sunday using the weekly digest.

Every day the WebWatch 'bots run to see which sites have updated their page within three days. A site listed on the digest has some how made it on to one of the love fest sites to watch lists, and the material's author has actually changed their stuff recently. A list of the movers and shakers on the web.

WebWatch saves time several ways:

  • you don't need to check every URL you monitor just to learn that nothing has changed. "We watch the Web so that you don't have to." WebWatch's output indicates for you the documents that have changed and need your personal attention;
  • WebWatch takes its input from a file. In a single run you can check all the documents you are currently tracking. There is no need to sit in front of your browser clicking and checking each document separately;
  • WebWatch retrieves only the "header" of a document, to check its "Last Modified" date. The size of this header is usually quite small compared to that of the entire document. With WebWatch, your connect time, and ultimately the load on the network, is significantly reduced.

Hopefully the love fest webwatch digest is helpful to you in keeping up with the avalanche of new material on the world wide web.

This scheme allows you to keep up with the state of the art in any of the topics. Plan to spend a week of evenings famializing yourself with the material on the master list for your topic. After that, you can keep current daily by browsing the sites that have changed.

Download the software and try it on your own list. If you have a unique bookmark list of your own, and the facilities to run webwatch regularly, why not network with us.

If you have created a special interest overview list that you think would fit into our collection, and you have time to maintain that list a bit in the future, send some mail.

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