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WebWatch is a tool for keeping track of changes in selected Web documents.

Given an HTML document referencing URLs on the Web, WebWatch produces a filtered list, containing only those URLs that have been modified since a given time.

The input file can be e.g.

The time used for filtering

WebWatch generates a local HTML document that contains links to only those documents which were updated after the given date. You can load this document into any Web browser and use it to navigate to the updated documents.

WebWatch stores its arguments in a parameter file. Once you have customized the program to your needs, using its graphical front-end, you can have it run in unattended mode, periodically.

WebWatch supports the use of proxy servers.

WebWatch saves time several ways:

If you are a content provider, you should encourage your subscribers to use WebWatch. If they put your server on their list, they will be alerted by WebWatch when you change your content. You can be "dormant" for a while, preparing the "big one," without worrying that you drop off the beaten path. WebWatch, unlike humans will loyally and dutifully check the date on your documents, day in, day out. Or you can publish time sensitive data without worrying that "once a week" users will not see it for six days. Also, the load on your server and network connection will be reduced, since WebWatch fetches only the header of each document.

If you are a connectivity provider, your customers will appreciate if you point out to them this productivity improvement tool. The load on your server will be less, you can accomodate more customers.


The Windows version comes in two flavors: If in doubt, try first the 32 bit version. If it doesn't run, install the 16 bit version. Or, consult our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Before you download the program you may want to take a look at a brief description of it, with screenshots and excerpts from the help file.

Other platforms

Watch this place for announcement. Send us e-mail if you want to be notified when other versions become available. Please indicate the platform you are interested in.


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